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Review of the SMART Table

SMART Table® 442i v2

The most appropriate interactive product for Nursery and KS1

The SMART Table 442i is a 42” diagonal LCD screen with integrated 40 point multi touch DViT technology built into a sleek table designed with young learners from 2-7 years old in mind. The SMART Table 442i is extremely durable, you can actually stand on it if you want to! The surface is spill proof and scratch proof with an antiglare surface. In addition, it has an integrated PC with controls for the teacher available just by inserting a USB memory stick. The table has integrated 10 watt speakers and Wi-Fi, in other words all you need to connect is 1 power cable.

Whilst the hardware is always important, the SMART Table’s best features exist when you access the SMART Table’s software written specifically for the SMART Table 442i. As well as being able to create your own activities by downloading the SMART Table Toolkit software you can download over 1,500 lesson plans free of charge from the SMART Exchange. The software for the table allows up to 8 learners to participate in using a range of “apps” designed for a multi touch table environment such as painting, image and video galleries, drag and drop to hotspots and maths software tools.

All of the software is designed for multiple learners (which can be set by a member of teaching staff) to participate at the same time from anywhere around the table. Therefore multiple children can learn at the same time and do not need to wait their turn. There are software apps designed for only multiple learners to answer by discussing the answer with each other and agreeing on the answer. For example, in a maths question the answer can only be provided by enough points of touch being held on the table. If the answer is 38 you need 38 fingers all held on the table to allow the correct answer to be recorded by the software.

This combination of 40 points of touch, content accessible from anywhere around the table and answers that require communication and participation create a unique collaborative learning centre. The integration of excellent hardware and software ensures the SMART Table 442i is the best collaborative learning experience for children in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1. The experience is far better, more accessible and appropriate than any other interactive product on the market.

The SMART Table 442i is available in the UK for £4,975 plus VAT or from £135 per month on a 3 year lease. The advantage of the lease option is that you get additional software bundled designed for children 2-7 years old specifically for the SMART 442i Table.


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