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SMART Board E70 Interactive Flat Panels Transform the Teaching Experience


Thanks to SMART Board interactive learning tools, when grandparents say that school years are the best days of your life, they can really mean it! The new boy in the classroom is the E70 interactive flat panel display and is specifically designed to encourage collaborative learning and attain the attention of your students with dazzling visuals.

The sheer size of the 70-inch display screen is enough to turn heads and with clean, sharp images the high-definition flat panel provides an unrivalled user experience. Not only that but with very little glare in direct sunlight, students will be able to see the content clearly regardless of where they are seated in the classroom.

SMART learning environments

The SMART Board E70 display is made from low-friction glass allowing you to run your finger smoothly across the surface – as naturally as writing in the condensation of a steamed up window.

The multi-touch technology also allows multiple users to add and remove content anywhere on the screen so you can transform your learning environment by getting your students to collaborate and enhance the user experience, ultimately making lessons more enjoyable and memorable. Up to four students can use the screen at the same time without limitations.

SMART Notebook on the SMART Board E70

The SMART Board E70 interactive display comes with the award-winning SMART Notebook learning software which features a wealth of high-quality digital resources available for download. Share lesson plans, tools, ideas, images and anything else you find useful in the classroom with a community of over one million educators around the globe free of charge from the SMART Exchange.

The new displays are designed to enhance the learning experience already established by SMART Notebook software and can be adapted to suit all types of learning needs and teaching styles. Because the technology can be seamlessly integrated with desktop PC´s, laptops and even portable handheld devices you also have the opportunity to work on a one-on-one basis with your students during or after lessons.

The future of SMART collaborative learning

SMART Board interactive displays are an essential part of collaborative learning in today´s digital age. With the new generation of computer kids obsessed with their mobile phones, games consoles and high definition TV, their attention span for traditional teaching practices is limited.

Teaching practices therefore have to move with the times and bring interactive display technology into the classroom in order to engage with students and encourage them to learn together as well as on their own. Children are the future of the world and interactive learning displays effectively prepares them to achieve the success they have the potential for.

SMART Board interactive technology and SMART Notebook software set the industry standards for educators to create, deliver and manage collaborative learning. Packaged in one single application you have the tools to engage your students and enhance the teaching and learning experience at your fingertips. Grab the SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel and transform your learning environment.

Click here to download the SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel brochure.

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