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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

SMART Meeting Pro 4.0

smart-meeting-pro-4Dynamic Software That Improves Productivity in Meetings

Decision-making in business meeting can have a profound and remarkable shift towards improved productivity thanks to SMART Meeting Pro 4. The all-around interactive setting smooths the way for a multilateral idea exchanges for participants all over the globe. The result? Enhanced business solutions and a brighter, SMARTer perspective of future growth for your company.

SMART Meeting Pro 4 features advanced software that embodies a vision of the business and encompasses an intelligent application of its major components to a professional meeting. Because of the collaborative nature of the technology, discussion points and issues are explored in more depth and can be swiftly resolved with SMART Meeting Pro’s inspirational tools.

SMART selection of augmented interactive options

The innovative design of SMART Meeting Pro 4 means it is versatile to address specific needs, and coupled with SMART technology is an immaculately high powered construct that combines elegant styles of a presentation and delivery with advanced program features. The double combo is a powerful addition to the boardroom and ideal for business seeking to stay up to date with modern technology and get one step ahead of their rivals.

Of paramount importance is the software enhancement of Unbound Space that wins hands down as the limitless room that effortlessly features a project of any size, presented  simultaneously on up to 16 displays with all its original parameters intact. Pan and Zoom options allow the presenter to smoothly move the pointer over specific parts of projects and resize content.

SMART Automatic Assistant

Cleverly named, SMART Meeting Pro’s Schedule Awareness, initiates your meetings automatically as soon as the system is switched on through integration with Outlook. This immediate assembling enables you to get straight into your stored data and dive straight into the meeting. It is often the case when using traditional technology that meetings a weigh-laid due to technical hitches and people taking time to settle.

Online collaboration has never been easier with SMART’s multi-screen display available with the SMART’s originators’ masterly dedication to delivering a superior product of intelligent design which works both in the meeting room and outside it. The software is available in a Personal Edition option for both Windows and Mac computers ensuring no interactive whiteboard is needed to view content created on a SMART Board, prepare content to present on a SMART Board or connect to a collaboration meeting.

SMART long distance collaboration

Reap the benefits of an international business collaborative effort which brings together the greatest business minds from far-off corners of the business world into the multi-sensory surroundings, a highly stimulating and phenomenally interactive in session platform that is an ever-expanding vision of SMART’s lucid and intuitive operational system which keeps the minds of all participants focused solely on yielding the most fruitful business ideas.

With Bridgit conferencing software all the participants are free to share their insight into the matter at hand working side by side while being more effectively immersed into the project’s reality which allows for instant real-time feedback. All business sessions can be stored on SMART Meeting Pro 4 and sent by email as a PDF or PowerPoint for review or re-use.


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