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SMART Steps: 5 Classroom Essentials Your Pupils Need

smart-800-seriesTechnology plays an increasing role in schools. Technology in the classroom arms teachers with the latest tools to enrich the learning experience for pupils and achieve better results.

Equally important, the use of technology and collaborative learning prepares students for life after education, which becomes more technology focused every year.

Classrooms that don’t keep up-to-date with education trends fail to equip their pupils with the necessary skills for a constantly updating world. Here are the five steps your classroom must take to make the grade:

#1 SMART devices

It starts with SMART devices in the classroom. Interactive whiteboards are the first step in collaborative learning, giving teachers and pupils a workspace for everyone to interact with contribute to.

Next up is the tablet. Tablets have become an established teaching tool and combining tablets with interactive whiteboards makes your classroom a fully collaborative learning environment. Pupils can work individually, in teams or as a class, through a variety of media and learning formats. All of which you network together between devices and interactive whiteboards.

#2 Collaborative software

The power behind SMART technology lies in its software. SMART collaborative software allows you to network devices inside and out of the classroom. Teachers and pupils can participate in classwork anytime, anywhere, as part of a collaborative group.

With collaborative software pupils can individually contribute to group work on an ongoing basis. All work can be saved and shared between users, creating a fully collaborative working environment.

#3 Interactive learning culture

You’ve got all the tools you need. Now it’s time to relearn the learning process and establish a learning culture focused on interaction. A recent IBM study reveals collaboration is what CEOs look for most in new employees. Why is this so important?

The key word in modern business is sustainability. Which means a long-term strategy that can adapt to change. Strategy development takes time, it takes a team and it takes collaboration.

Collaboration in the classroom reinforces the learning process through group interaction that encourages creativity and improves information retention. But it also installs the collaborative skills your pupils need in the working world.

#4 Community

Search any industry online and you’ll find a range of relevant communities and forums. Members discuss, share and develop new ideas and the latest developments.

This is the learning environment of today. When industries and technology can evolve overnight, even established professionals are learning every day. This is the mentality today’s pupils need.

Using SMART technology and software, students can create their own classroom community or tap into the plethora of online communities out there. With these learning forums pupils can interact with experts, learn and even contribute to a developing recourse for knowledge.

#5 Quality content, varied formats

Now you’ve got everything you need for a fully collaborative learning environment. The final step is to use your technology and teaching methods to get the most from your collaborative classroom. They key here is variety.

Tablets give you the widest range of multimedia access available today, all in a portable package. Combine these with your interactive whiteboards to deliver a variety of individual and group work across a range of media formats. While SMART Notebook gives you access to a vast collection of high-quality educational content and resources.

Deliver these formats in a varied and interactive method to give your students the best learning experience. This way your lessons will be more engaging and have greater impact on your pupils. While students will absorb more information, develop creative skills and learn to interact and collaborate with peers and technology alike.

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