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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Smarter Communications Keep Companies Connected And Reduce Travel Costs

remote-workersIf the world’s getting smaller it is because technology is getting better. In an increasingly globalised market, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of modern technology to improve the day to day running of their business and the communications infrastructure.

Fortunately, for every problem your company faces, technology comes up with a solution, hence the drastic rise in devices and software that connect people and businesses over great distances. More importantly, advances in interactive conference technology allows participants to connect in a whole new way – whether they are in the same room or half way across the world!

Data conferencing

With data conferencing tools you can network multiple computers to share data over an internet connection. That might not sound particularly ground-breaking, but the key to data conferencing is that shared data is fully editable in ‘real time’. That means each connected PC, Mac or iPad can participate, make changes and collaborate across a shared network.

Video conferencing

The benefits of video conferencing are pretty self-explanatory. You can have your meetings face-to-face with clients and colleagues thousands of miles away. Less obvious is the extensive range of video options available, to suit all budgets. This goes way beyond a Skype call. Full HD displays, Full HD cameras, multiple connections, video streaming and recording – it’s just a case of what you need and what you can afford to spend.

Then there’s cloud hosted video conferencing, which allows you to connect with up to six Windows, Macs, iOS or Android devices – without the burden of hosted software.

SMART boards

Interactive whiteboards are changing the way business and education across the globe interact with participants. Easy to use and intuitively designed, smarter interactive technology makes presentations more fluid and powerful. The multi-touch technology invites participants to get involved and interact with presenters and each other.

Record and stream video

Video is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools for both the web and the boardroom. With recording and streaming technology you can offer training packages to staff anywhere, any time; record product launches or events; create video blogs and enhance your Social Media campaign.

A wide range of recording and streaming options means there’s a solution to fit your business needs and budget. While the best effect of video recording and streaming comes from combining the technology with SMART devices to invite viewers into the collaborative experience.

Interactive conference systems are the future of communication both in a business environment and a classroom. Being able to connect across the globe reduces travel costs substantially and because the content is more engaging participants are more likely to take a keen interest and learn more from the session.

What sets this type of conference technologies apart from conventional tools is not just about how they make global connections interactive, but how delegates are able to communicate in real time regardless of different time zones. The success of smarter video technology is revamping the traditional meeting room into a more interactive, engaging and productive experience.

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