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Smarter Interactive are a preferred SMART Table Partner

smart-tableSmarter Interactive have been appointed as one of only a handful of SMART Table preferred partners. This is recognition of our commitment, knowledge, pre & post sales support for a fantastic product for Nursery, Key Stage 1 and Special Needs teaching environments.

If you would like to evaluate or discuss the SMART Table please contact one of our team of experts. We can help you arrange a demonstration, short term trial, provide extra advise and support or put you in touch with other schools who have already purchased a SMART Table.

Why should you consider a SMART Table?

The SMART Table represents a brand new concept in teaching and learning to create an immersive, full screen environment supporting 40 points of touch. These features enable 2-8 students to interact with content designed specifically for the SMART Table at the same time.

Ger McGauley from Brediland Primary School in Paisley said:

“The SMART Table is so intuitive to use that I don’t have to spend a long time explaining how to use it. The students start on an activity and take ownership of it, allowing the support from the teacher to be reduced. This helps to build self confidence and leadership skills as well as resilience and tolerance towards peers.”

He concludes “The SMART Table is one of the best technological advances in education that I have come across. It facilitates greater child engagement and supports active learning. It encourages the children to think, engage and learn in a way they may not have able to do before.”

Is there any research to support this?

Yes, you can downlaod the full whitepaper here, but the conclusion is:

Research has shown that interactive tables provide a natural platform for face-to- face collaboration, simultaneous contribution and in-depth discussions. As a result, interactive tables support students in collaborative learning settings in many ways including improving understanding, developing higher-level and critical thinking skills. But, most importantly, interactive tables are making it easier for educators like you to help students gain the skills they need to be more successful learners.

Please contact us on 0118 336 0010 to discuss how the SMART Table can introduce a new collaborative learning platform for your students or use the form below to request call back.

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