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Students Respond to Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Smart Boards for EducationThe use of Interactive Whiteboards together with SMART Notebook software helps student learn more during lessons. Electronic whiteboards enliven the teaching and learning process and because it is interactive it allows students to engage with one another and share ideas.

A study undertaken by the University of Wales Swansea showed there was a positive response to the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom by both students and teachers. Student teachers in particular are highly enthusiastic about using technology as a learning tool which reflects the mentality of how modern day teaching can develop in the future.

The survey noted that student teachers had observed children pay more attention in classes when interactive whiteboards are being used – especially in the early age groups. The results provide supporting evidence that students respond better to images on screen and learning in an environment in which they can interact through handheld digital devices.

Schools need more interactive whiteboards

The biggest problem for the education system is that they are not able to provide schools with sufficient numbers of interactive whiteboards. The survey records that only 26% of early year pupils and 45% of middle school students can enjoy lessons and benefit from the use of interactive whiteboards.

Asked if they would prefer to use interactive whiteboards as a teaching aid, an overwhelming 97 per cent of participants answered “Yes!” The majority specified the reason why they prefer interactive technology was because it brings added value to the teaching process.

Why teachers prefer interactive whiteboards

The reason why so many teachers reacted positively to using interactive whiteboards in the classroom is because the technology creates an enjoyable and engaging learning environment. Students respond better to images on a screen than they do from a text book and with the benefit of HD display units the images are even brighter, colourful and engaging.

The software tools in lesson plans are also important, but the award-winning SMART Notebook software has proven to be very popular amongst teachers due to the ability to easily create dynamic lessons and encourage students to interact with one another’s ideas. Because content can be channelled to multiple devices the possibility of collaborative learning has no bounds.

Learning on SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook has a wealth of tools teachers can put to good use in their lesson plans. The most recent edition of the software includes 3D visualization which helps even the most complex of topics easier to understand. You can even view the content from multiple angles.

The software allows you to add labels, write notes using digital ink and add content from other applications so you can use the images to provide specific information. For a truly profound experience use the scene immersion feature which makes students feel they are actually in the scene.


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