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Study: Schools Must Adopt Technology To Get Back On Track

shutterstock_100182974Schools in the UK need to adopt technology in the classroom before they can catch up with the leading countries in education. Britain has fallen behind the top performers in major subjects and a digital skills gap has emerged in the UK – where students enter the workplace without the tech knowledge needed for today’s business world.

The only solution, according to a report by the Education Foundation, is that schools integrate a firm technology strategy to develop the necessary skills for modern working life. The report entitled Technology in Education: A System In Review addresses the needs of pupils in the UK for a stronger focus on technology in education and the barriers schools face.

The digital skills gap

“Digital skills are essential for success,” according to the report co-authored by Samsung group European Electronique. Technology is increasingly adopted in every part of our lives, but schools fail to keep up with the rate of integration – which leaves our students short in a number of essential tech skills.

The Education Foundation publishes five key areas where both schools and pupils in the UK are falling behind. At the worst end of the scale schools are failing to teach kids the basic online skills to navigate webpages and download apps to complete simple IT tasks in the workplace.

However, business has moved far beyond the basics of IT and the modern workplace demands a more advanced understanding of computer, programming and data skills. In a world where almost every business has at least one website, multiple social media channels and complex digital marketing campaign, employees in all departments are expected to have an increasing range of digital skills.

Barriers facing schools

The call for better technology in schools is nothing new and a series of studies have highlighted the issue in recent years. But only a small minority of schools have been able to increase pupil performance with interactive technology and collaborative learning.

A number of barriers remain in the way of schools adopting a new focus on technology in education. The first is a shift in attitude and the realisation that digital skills are not an extra or a future requirement – they are vital today and we are already falling behind. While schools and teachers need to rethink their approach to education and update their methods to meet the modern needs of their pupils.

However, the major stumbling block for the adoption of technology in the classroom continues to be the limited funds available for investment. Without government funding and a realistic strategy in place across the nation, the money simply isn’t there to completely overhaul the education system.

Pioneering schools that make it happen

Schools need to team up with the Education Foundation and other organisations to approach the government with a realistic funding plan for a nationwide adoption of technology in the classroom. Although some schools in the UK are already pioneers in classroom technology and collaborative learning.

Barry Island, Cadoxton and Casllwchwr primary schools in Wales and Cedars School of Excellence in Scotland have already made the headlines for improving performance with educational technology – proving that the change can happen and the results are worth the investment.

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