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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Take Your Business To The Next Level And Secure Bigger Contracts With Interactive Technology

Interactive WhiteboardAs the business world becomes increasingly competitive it’s more difficult to step up to the next level and brush shoulders with the big guns in your industry. The internet has made us better connected and allows you to network with new clients and leaders in you field – but it also makes it tougher to stand out from a larger crowd.

Connecting with prospects is one thing but making an impression that lasts is a different challenge altogether. To take that next step up the corporate ladder you need an edge over the competition and a pitch that proves you are the organisation to do business with. You might be the new kid amongst a bigger crowd, but you can turn that into a strength and use it to secure a bigger kind of contract.

Build a stronger connection

The internet allow you to connect with just about anyone, but it doesn’t say anything special about your business. SMART Technology uses cloud-hosted software to connect you to a global audience with enough impact to create a brand identity and a lasting impression.

Video and data conferencing allows you to connect to almost any device in real-time, share and edit documents over a face to face video call. This not only empowers your workforce to collaborate, work from anywhere and expand with flexible and remote staff – but also take your business presentations anywhere.

Seal the deal with interactive presentations

Business meetings, pitches and presentations take a whole new meaning with the adoption of interactive technology. Engage your audience with HD video calls and get your prospects involved in presentations with real-time data conferencing.

SMART Technology is designed specifically for the digital meeting room, to grab your audience’s attention and make a lasting impact. Don’t tell potential clients how great you are, show them with interactive data and a presentation that shows you are the business to take them forward.

Show you are going places

The modern business has evolved into a collaborative workplace powered by interactive technology and flexible operation. Show you are a business built for the future by approaching larger clients, partners and investors with a fully collaborative enterprise, driven by interactive technology.

The same tech solutions that will impress the prospects your business needs to take that next step will also transform your business into a more productive and sustainable enterprise – exactly the kind of organisation they are looking for. Show you are a business that understands where the corporate world is headed by using the latest technology to reach your new targets.

Technology that says you are a business built to last

The key word in global business right now is sustainability and the big names in your industry will want to know you are set up to stand the test of time. Organisations that adopt the digital workplace and implement a collaborative strategy based on interactive technology can cut their running costs and improve productivity in the process.

With unnecessary expenses like business travel out of the equation and a more effective process – using flexible and remote staff – the digital workplace becomes a more cost-effective and productive enterprise that says we are here to stay.

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