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Teaching Techniques To Get The Most From Your Interactive Classroom

Smart Boards for Education

SMART Boards and interactive technology help to create a more engaging environment for learning. As UK schools fall behind in international rankings, more classrooms turn to technology as an effective teaching method.

There’s nothing new about technology in schools though. Leading nations around the world have been quick to adopt interactive devices like tablets and SMART Boards. Which leads to newer teaching ideas with a focus on lesson content that engages pupils.

We can learn a lot from countries like South Korea and China, where teachers combine interactive devices and software with student participation. The results have seen the Asian nations rank among the highest educators in the world. While the UK falls further behind in key subject like maths and science.

SMART Boards grab attention and get results

The key to technology in schools is increased engagement with pupils. Some students have a genuine interest in learning. But for the rest of them, grabbing their attention is the biggest challenge teacher’s face.

SMART Boards are hard to ignore. Give your lesson plans a touch of vibrant colour with interactive LCD screens and your pupils won’t want to look away. Which leads us to the interactive element. Grabbing attention can be difficult, but keeping it is another challenge altogether.

Interactive technology gets your students involved in the lesson. No more falling asleep at the back of the class. Instead you can get your pupils on their feet, encourage interaction and improve group learning. It’s all in the name of participation. Rather than listen and forget new information, interactive technology improves cognitive retention by creating a more practical learning experience.

Added power with SMART Notebook

SMART’s Notebook software is designed to help classrooms get more from their interactive technology. By combining the functionality of your computer with the engaging visuals of SMART Boards and interactive displays.

With access to over 6,500 images, videos and animated activities Notebook provides you with a wide range of content to make your lessons more effective. All of which is fully supported by Microsoft Office. So you can edit office documents with notes, sketches and a host of Notebook tools. Including handwritten notes over content – which you can convert to text at the click of a button, save and share with your class.

Simple, quick, SMART

Notebook brings powerful tools to your interactive devices. Creating engaging content doesn’t have to be complicated though. With Notebook you only ever a click away from interactive tools and learning material. So even when your lesson takes an unexpected turn, you have the power and flexibility of Notebook to make changes as you need.

Notebook’s features are great for teachers, but they’re even better for pupils! From digital ink to touch gestures, SMART devices and software create a simple but powerful learning environment. And an online training portal is always available to help you and your students to get the most of Notebook and all its features.

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