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The advantages of using SMART Boards in training

If you are looking for a way to make your training sessions more interactive, more dynamic, easy to share after the event and possible to attend from another location then a SMART Board could be the answer. This interactive white board is already popular in schools and other education centres and is becoming more common in a training setting too, because it offers so many benefits.

The advantages of using SMART Boards in training

SMART Boards are flexible
One of the major advantages of using SMART Boards in training is their immense flexibility – there are so many ways you can use them. For example, you can install a single SMART Board in the training room for your delegates to use. You can “multi board” by adding several boards in the same room to give breakout groups the opportunity to work independently of the rest of the group. You can install boards in different locations – perhaps one in your office and another at a separate training centre – so you can deliver training to a group of people remotely. You can also use SMART Bridgit software to deliver training remotely to multiple participants in multiple locations – meaning students can join the training session from home, using their computers, laptops or tablets.

SMART Boards help you deliver more interactive, visual training
Traditional training normally revolves around a presenter delivering materials to the class via flipcharts, PowerPoint presentations or overhead projectors, adding verbal pointers along the way. But not everyone learns linguistically, and sometimes it’s just easier to approach training from a more visual angle. SMART Boards give you the opportunity to draw diagrams, pictures and charts, to highlight relevant information and to manipulate objects on the screen so you can teach – and your delegates can learn – in the best way possible.

SMART Boards are easy to use
The real beauty of SMART Boards lies in their simplicity. They are so intuitive that you don’t need any training to use them, so everyone can instantly access the tools and get started. And if you’re using them to deliver remote training, joining the session is as simple as pressing a link in an email.

SMART Boards let you use dynamic content
Have you ever run a training session where you needed a white board, a projector, a TV and DVD player, a laptop and a flipchart because you wanted to present multimedia material to your class? SMART Boards make the process so much easier because you can display just about any media on the screen. You can work on documents and files, open applications and programmes, surf the web or play online films all from the simple SMART interface, and without the need for additional equipment. And if you do require external devices such as Bluray players or a visualiser, these are easy to connect too.

SMART Boards let you save and share your training
Another advantage of using a SMART Board for training is that you can record every session, complete with the applications and files used and any annotations, and give your students a lasting reminder of the training. You can even record your voice so they have the complete training experience for future reference.

For more information about the advantages of using SMART Boards in training call us today on 0118 336 0010 and speak to one of our experts. We’ll be happy to talk you through the range of solutions available from SMART to help you discover a more flexible way for you to deliver training.

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