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The benefits of using ipads in the classroom

It seems like Apple’s iPad is everywhere – and it’s also making an impact in the classroom too. More and more schools are seeing the benefits of using iPads in the classroom to deliver creative, collaborative and active learning to students at all stages of education. As well as being great portable tools for accessing the internet, sending emails and streaming video and audio content, there are over 20,000 educational apps in the App Store, aimed at everyone from pre-schoolers to university students.

It’s very easy to share your iPad with the class – all you need is a Digital AV Adaptor, available from Apple. You simply plug one end into your iPad and the other into your HDTV or interactive white board. Choose the HDMI input channel and you’ll instantly see your iPad display mirrored on your TV screen. Everything you do on the iPad will be seen on the screen, with no need for any additional software.

But using a cable tethers you to the TV – what if you want to be able to move around the classroom, perhaps to hand control of the iPad over to students? Apple has a solution for that too – Apple TV. This tiny wireless device connects to your TV via an HDMI cable and you can then stream your iPad display wirelessly to the TV over Airplay, Apple’s wireless network. Again the screen will mirror everything you do on your iPad, with no limitations on the apps or content you use.

Another way you can use iPads in the classroom is by letting every student have access to one, and linking them together in a collaborative network. DisplayNote is a desktop and mobile application that lets you send the contents of your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) to your students via their computer, laptop or iOS/Android tablet or smartphone. To do this you install the DisplayNote software on your computer, and students download an app to their device to enable them to connect.  Once connected, anything you open on your computer is wirelessly streamed to all the connected devices in real time. Students can capture your notes, slides and video, highlight what’s important to them and make their own notes. They can share their notes with you and the other students, take control of the presentation, send private notes and even see the screen of other participants. And at the end of the lesson you and your students can all save your own unique set of notes for further reference.

If you’d like to find out more about DisplayNote or would like to discuss the benefits of using iPads in the classroom call us today on 0118 336 0010 – we’re currently running some great promotions that could net you a free iPad!

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