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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

The benefits of using SMART Boards in the meeting room

If you have children you’ve probably seen or heard about the interactive white boards – often SMART Boards – that are visible in almost every classroom. You may have come across them in the boardroom too, or even been invited to join a SMART meeting. But why are they becoming vital communication tools for business? What are the benefits of using SMART Boards in the meeting room?

The benefits of using SMART Boards in the meeting roomThe biggest benefit is that SMART Boards turn meetings into opportunities for active collaboration. Historically meetings have involved a single presenter or presenters showing a series of slides, with little interaction from delegates. SMART Boards still allow you to show slides – but you can view other content too, including images, videos and third party programmes  and make notes, add diagrams and drawings and highlight areas on the fly. This means brainstorming and review meetings are much more participative as any delegate can approach the board and pick up the pen or use their finger to add their own notes.

Another benefit of using SMART Boards in the meeting room is that you can capture a record of your meeting easily and then share it with delegates and other people after the event. You can capture individual screens or record everything that happens on the board – including all the additional notes you make – and send the file by email or save it for future reference.

Further, by using SMART Boards in the meeting room you don’t even limit the collaboration to the physical space. Software such as SMART Bridgit enables you to open up your meetings to people outside the building, including home workers, mobile workers and remote workers, who can join the meeting via their computer, laptop or tablet device. And as well as the large SMART Boards there are smaller, more portable devices available such as interactive monitors and Podiums, opening the reach of your SMART meeting even further. And if you use tools like SharePoint or WebEx you can integrate them with your SMART Board, further increasing its functionality.

If you would like to benefit from using SMART Boards in the meeting room call us today on 0118 336 0010 to arrange your free demonstration, You can also download a free ebook on “How SMART Boards Enable Enhanced Communication & Collaboration” by filling in the form on the right.

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