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The Power Of Collaborative Classrooms With SMART Technology

SMART technology in the classroomThe Digital Age has a knack for bringing people together. The classroom is no exception and as education methods evolve, SMART technology groups individual pupils into a collaborative classroom for an improved learning environment and better results.

The SMART vision

The SMART vision sees a more effective learning environment where pupils and teachers work as a complete group. Using technology that relates to the modern student, SMART devices and software help teachers communicate their material in a format that peaks the interest of their classroom.

Beyond that, SMART strives to develop technology with an emphasis on interaction and collaboration. The aim is to make every pupil an active participant in lessons using a variety of formats that better engage and involve the classroom as a group.

It doesn’t end in the classroom either. SMART Collaborative software equips teachers and pupils with the means to learn anytime, anywhere, as a group, inside and outside of the classroom.

Tablets in the classroom

The ICT association (Naace) assesses the use of tablets in the classroom, placing online research, creating presentations, MindMapping and group work as the four major uses. The top four outrank commonly individual tasks like annotation, watching videos or listening to podcasts.

Already you can see how technology in the classroom leans toward collaborative activities such as group work, MindMapping and presentations ahead of isolated tasks like watching videos or listening to podcasts.

SMART technology combines devices and software which enhance the collaborative potential of tablets and interactive media to make group learning more effective in your classroom.

SMART Board & tablet

SMART recognises the benefit of tablets in education, illustrated by Naace data. But it also recognises a limitation in using personal devices alone in class. To get the most from collaboration in your lesson plan you need a network between individual and group contribution.

SMART interactive whiteboards connect personal mobile devices to a single workspace for the entire classroom. Pupils can work individually, in small groups or as a class with their own and group efforts combined into one collaborative project.

Your Interactive Whiteboard gives you and your pupils the power to create, edit and save content as a group. Changes and contributions can be made from any connected device, bringing true collaboration to your classroom. Naace ranks MindMapping, creating presentations and other group work as the top uses for tablets in education. Imagine what SMART collaboration can do for your group and class activities.

Collaboration + Interaction = SMART

An immersive classroom engages pupils and inspires hunger to learn. Building on the collaborative teamwork of tablets and interactive whiteboards, SMART software creates a fully interactive learning environment for inside and out of the classroom.

With SMART Notebook you bring a host of multimedia options to your lessons as well as internet browsing and document editing. The Notebook iPad app integrates your SMART education suite to iPads and interactive whiteboard for individual and “whole class” projects.

You can take things even further with SMART Response VE. The interactive response system connects any Internet-enabled mobile device, bringing the benefits of SMART Notebook to all platforms. You can create lessons and deliver assessments on the go or in class whilst your students can interact with a range of learning tools and widgets to create concept maps, word clouds and other collaborative or individual projects.

To find out more about what SMART technology can do for you and your students, call the Smarter Interactive team today on 0118 336 0010 and speak to one of our advisors. Alternatively use the form below to request a call back.

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