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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

The SMART Board 8070i Is The Ultimate Collaborative Tool

Since the credit crunch companies have had to find ways of improving their productivity and cutting costs. Recession impacts companies and the decisions they make in different ways and a lot rides on how the decision makers feel about future prospects of the economy. Analysis conducted since the last economic crisis shows that a country can beat the recession sooner if companies invest in strategies that improve productivity.

Lord Heseltine pointed out that local economies are the building blocks of a nation’s economy. It is therefore important to encourage growth in major towns and cities around the UK. And technology has the answer. SMART Boards are collaborative meeting tools that engage colleagues, inspire ideas and increase productivity.

What is a collaborative SMART Board

SMART Boards are electronic whiteboards with which participants can use their hands and digital ink to make notes, move images and host PowerPoint presentations – and all on a high-definition multi-touch LED screen. This allows you to move, store, save and share documents just like you would any other document created by your current office suite.

What´s more is the whiteboards are interactive so that multiple people can physically involve themselves. This makes SMART Boards the ideal tool for brain storming sessions. Because of the resources available and advanced technology being used, participants are more engaged, focused and imaginative. The result effect is, you get results.

SMART Boards like the 8070i are also very easy to use. Because the software uses documents that are familiar to office workers and hardware that is close to touchscreen technology found on smartphones and tablets, your employees will quickly adapt to the new technology and will require little training.

Improving productivity

The 8070i doesn’t waste any time. The screen has built in presence detection and will turn on as soon as your team walks in the room. During the meeting you can browse the web, view PDF´s and record notes and annotations using the whiteboard. You can save the meeting at any point and store files as a Meeting Pro file, PDF or PowerPoint. The file can then be accessed later and forwarded to interested parties by e-mail.

Users have command of content by using their fingers to tap, swipe, zoom and open among other things. The smooth screen allows natural movements with the hand, but you can also use a digital pen and eraser. The interactive display intuitively recognises when you use your finger, pen or eraser – a bunched fist without getting ink on your hand.

SMART Boards are also low maintenance and designed for offices that do not rely heavily on IT support. The security is designed so that only an administrator can configure and change the system settings. Because of the reliability of interactive whiteboards, IT support can concentrate on more critical business systems and improve productivity in other areas of your business.

SMART Board 8070i for collaboration

The advanced technology of the SMART Board 8070i empowers companies to increase productivity and help to build the foundations of a collaborative workspace. The full HD LED display enables images to be viewed in crystal clear, shadow free clarity. When linked to SMART Bridgit data conferencing software each connected SMART device, PC or iPad can view and interact with these images and take control or write handwritten notes in real time. This two-way collaboration enables meetings to be conducted over distance as though you are all stood at the same whiteboard writing on the same screen.

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