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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Time To Update Your Digital Workplace


Business has gone digital – which effectively means global too! With technology as the driver, organisations have access to a world of opportunities in the global marketplace – and with the right tools, your business has the flexibility to grab new opportunities.

Forget the restrictions. Nobody says you have to work nine to five or that your staff should commute twice a day. The digital workplace uses the latest tech and work ethics which enable your business to perform better today – and ready to expand tomorrow.

Make the world your office

Remote working opens the doors to worldwide talent. With the tools available today you’re not limited to local staff. Cloud hosted software makes remote working efficient enough that you can concentrate on finding the right person for the job – wherever they are.

Video conferencing connects with any device, anywhere. So you’re only a video call away from your remote workforce. While you can collaborate in real-time, using data conference software. So you and your team can work together – or apart – wherever you are.

Your digital office isn’t just for staff though. Video and data calling lets you take your contact list global. So you can pitch your ideas to overseas investors, win more contracts and bolster your enterprise with clients all over the world.

In-house production

Interactive devices make the boardroom a more engaging place to be. It gives presentations, meetings and staff training extra impetus and allows presenters to directly involve their audience. Bring your training sessions to life and wow VIPs with interactive LED screens and SMART boards.

Collaboration has become a major player in business. Interactive devices and data conference software teams up to get your teams collaborating – inside and out of the office. Interactive whiteboards and LED displays allow multiple users to develop team projects, while data conferencing lets your staff connect to any company or BYOD device.

Remote working isn’t just about hiring from afar either. You can get more from your in-house staff by encouraging flexible hours and locations. Data conferencing means your staff can connect to group projects or contribute solo efforts, wherever, whenever.

Cost-effective conferencing

The most appealing benefit of video conferencing is the reduced travel costs. You can take your meetings further without the cost or hassle of long-distance travel. And remote working comes with financial perks too. You’ll find a lot of talent out there in developing nations – where you can find quality services, for less than you might pay here. So you can lower wage costs or pass savings onto your customers.

Born out of economic turmoil, the digital workplace has grown from a survival technique to the new business model. Lower costs and better productivity creates a more effective workplace. While the flexibility of remote and collaborative working means you’re adaptable in a changing business climate.

The digital workplace is up-to-date and ready to adapt. With the latest technology and working philosophies in hand, businesses are more flexible, sustainable and ready to grow in the digital world.

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