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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Tools for SMART Interactive Whiteboards

remote communication on software developmentInnovation usually starts with industry and interactive whiteboards are tipped to become the next big thing. Hardly surprising really; they are highly versatile, fun to use, and make meetings easier and engaging. And interactive whiteboards are not only inspiring presenters and audiences, but inventors as well.

Interactive whiteboards burst onto the scene several years ago and mostly featured as a learning tool in classroom that pupils could really relate too. In recent years businesses have adopted the technology for their boardrooms because of the ability to use a number of different applications with the whiteboards and get other participants to interact from remote locations. The information was also easier to share afterwards.

Since major companies have recognised the benefits of interactive whiteboards, software developers, programmers and other inventors have come up with a whole host of new tools that presenters and participants can use with the whiteboard to liven up meetings and make brainstorming sessions quicker to save on down-time. Indeed, statistics show that interactive whiteboards also increase productivity.

Whiteboard software

Interactive whiteboards such as SMART whiteboards have a whole host of useful tools as standards, and more tools are being introduced all the time. You can use all the applications you are already accustomed to on your desktop PC´s and laptops, but you also have access to numerous others that have been adjusted and improved by creative whiteboard practitioners.

Cloud-based applications for example enable you to share with others, assign goals and track progress as well as amend documents in Google Docs in real-time. The information can be sent or accessed from
mobile devices in remote locations. Use the software to calculate estimates, include key performance indicators, make notes and create social workflows. Interactive whiteboards include the entire team and keep everyone involved up to date.

Whiteboard communications

Then of course you have the magic pen which gives you all manner of capabilities to make communication more dynamic, engaging and fun. Not only can you can use the magic pen to write or draw shapes, but you can also use it to highlight or magnify specific areas of interest to enable users to get the message across to other participants. This is particularly useful when communicating with team members in other offices elsewhere in the country – or indeed around the world.

One of the more recent inventions comes from Nibroc LLC which has created dry erase paint from whiteboards that allow users to spray messages, shapes and symbols onto a whiteboard, beam it to remote offices, save it, then erase. Although the spray paint is only available in black at the time of writing, more colours are expected shortly to give your presentations an artistic impact.

For forward thinking businesses that want to increase productivity, motivate players to improve performance and benefit from innovation, interactive whiteboards are the keys that unlock the windows to the world. By using tools specially formulated for interactive whiteboards, you will engage, entertain and enjoy, and will increase your chances of success.


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