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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Using interactive white boards for business

They’ve been present in the classroom for years but now we are seeing many more people using interactive white boards for business. These “technological drawing boards” have many benefits for business – not only do they reduce travel time and expense but they lead to greater productivity and improved communication. In this article we’ll examine exactly what an interactive white board is and the benefits of using interactive white boards for business.

What is an interactive white board?

Very simply, an interactive white board, used in combination with a computer and a projector, is a white screen on which you can display an image. The composition of the screen is such that it is touch resistant, which means you can interact with the screen display. You can show all sorts of things on the screen, like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages and multimedia materials. The display is controlled via either the computer or the screen itself, and you can use your fingers or a special pen to manipulate it. The most basic features allow you to write and erase notes on the display, annotate documents and highlight text. Depending on the equipment and software you use you can access more advanced features, for example, manipulating objects or having two people write on the board simultaneously. The white board can be used independently in a meeting room or you can link up with other users remotely – either using their own interactive white boards or software running on other devices – and collaborate on documents in real time. Everything that you see on the screen can be recorded, saved and shared with other people.

So now you know what interactive white boards are, how can they be applied in business?

The advantages of using interactive whiteboards for business

The main advantages of using interactive white boards for business are:

Reduced travel time – Reduced travel costs – Reduced carbon footprint
Whether you install interactive white boards in all your depots or use software that lets users connect to your white board on their computer or tablet, you’ll be able to cut down on travelling to meetings – which of course saves you money and time and reduces your business’ carbon footprint.

Improved interactivity
Gone are the days of the static presentation – using interactive white boards in business means you can have dynamic meetings where everyone can get involved.

Improved collaboration
Interactive white boards give you the opportunity to fully collaborate with your staff, either in the same room or remotely, in real time. When you’re working on a project there are huge benefits to be gained by being able to see and work on the same documents at the same time and then save and share those documents.  

Opportunities for global partnerships
Using interactive white boards for business gives you the opportunity to work globally – because you can connect white boards together remotely and access them on a range of devices, distance is no longer an object.

It’s not even essential that staff have access to a full size interactive white board – there are smaller devices such as the SMART Podium and software like Bridgit that means you can join in the collaboration wherever you are and from a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

 Increased productivity
By using interactive white boards in business you save time travelling to meetings and improve communication and collaboration in the workplace – which means that you and your staff will have a better work-life balance and enjoy increased productivity, making your business even more successful. 

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