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Using the Air Server App to Share Your iPad Screen With Your Smartboard

share ipad screenAir Server App – The Most Versatile App Ever

Advancements in technology has a tendency to inspire other technologically minded brains to invent applications that can be used with or alongside popular devices. Handheld portable devices such as Smartphones and tablets have inspired technicians to produce over 2 million apps – but perhaps the most versatile is AirServer from Apple’s App Store.

You can use AirServer at home, in the workplace, for presentations and in the classroom. It works by wirelessly beaming an image from your iPhone or iPad to a corresponding PC from where it can be transferred to a smartboard of HDTV using as projector. Because of its effectiveness, Air Server is becoming one of the most popular apps on the current market.

Share iPad Screens via Air Server in Business and Education

You can use AirServer to engage an audience during a class or presentation and if there participants have a handheld Apple device you can even get them involved. The app allows two-way mirroring between iOS devices and a Mac or PC that allows users to share content on the iPhone or iPad and beam it onto a whiteboard. Once the content is captured on the Smart Board you can adapt it by writing over it or adding other images.

Ordinarily, when you give a presentation you use a laptop or PC with a projector. This however restricts your movements as you have to be within arm´s reach of the mouse or keypad. By installing AirServer on your laptop or PC and channelling content through a handheld device you have the freedom to move around the room and physically engage with your audience.

Having the freedom to move around the room allows you dictate the focus of the presentation exactly how you like and engage directly with your audience by encouraging them to share their ideas or work, or demonstrating your ideas on a one to one basis. This type of interaction with participants makes presentations and classes more lively, fun and memorable.

AirServer at Home

AirServer is not merely restricted to the workplace, but can be used at home too. The app is compatible with numerous devices using Apple´s AirPlay enabling you to connect with third party applications in your home entertainment setup. You can use it to beam YouTube videos on to your widescreen TV, providing it is connected to an Apple set-box, or stream music from iTunes through your hi-fi.

One of the more exciting uses for AirServer is to turn your gaming experience into multi-player action. By installing AirServer onto your PC or Mac you can combine your desktop computer with your iPhone or iPad and stream your favourite iOS games on up to 16 simultaneous iOS devices.

AirServer is the most advanced AirPlay app to date and is so easy to use even the most non-technical minds can have fun with it too. All you need to wirelessly stream content using AirServer is Tiger OS 10.4 or later and a handheld Apple device that is installed with iOS 4.2.1 or later.

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