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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Using video conferencing and SMART boards in manufacturing

Whatever your industry, manufacturing is a complex process. To ensure consistent quality in your products you need to keep in constant contact with teams at every stage of the manufacturing process, which can involve a lot of travel. When problem solving involves communicating with the heads of several different departments, the production line team and external suppliers, it’s not always easy to communicate effectively either. You’re likely to end up holding numerous meetings, sending documents backwards and forwards and spending endless hours on the phone – and that can result in inconsistencies in quality control and delays in the manufacturing schedule.

Using technology such as video conferencing and SMART boards in manufacturing can make the whole process more efficient, less costly and more effective. There are two huge benefits to using video conferencing and SMART boards in manufacturing – reduced travel time and expense, and increased, more effective communication.

Here’s an example to demonstrate how using technology can benefit the manufacturing process. Imagine a widget maker is developing a new widget, but they’ve discovered that one of the parts doesn’t fit properly. They could hold a meeting with the production director, then speak to the supplier, then send over the specification to the research and development department, who contact the designer … and the manufacturing process grinds to a halt while all this goes on. Alternatively, they could organise a video conference and invite all the relevant people to discuss the problem at the same time. During the conference they could show the original AUTOCAD diagrams, schematics and specification PDFs on the SMART board, examine the part using a visualiser and make notes in real time. At the end of the conference the entire meeting can be saved and shared not only with those who took part but also with other team members, suppliers etc. By using a combination of SMART board technology and video conferencing the problem can be assessed and solved quickly, effectively and without the need for costly travel between offices.

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