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What are the benefits of the 800 series SMART Boards?

Interactive white boards are becoming a common site in board rooms and training rooms around the world. SMART are one of the biggest manufacturers of boards and they have pushed the technology even further with their 800 series, which uses new technology to make interaction and collaboration even more intuitive.

The biggest benefit of the SMART 800 series over earlier models of the SMART boards is that the boards all use DViT – Digital Vision Touch. Earlier SMART boards had resistive touchscreens which felt slightly spongy to the touch because of the multi-layer composition of the boards. Rather than being resistive, the new DViT-enabled boards use a combination of digital cameras and sophisticated software to track and identify movements on the board. This means that the touch recognition is even more precise and intuitive than ever, and the boards themselves have a hard surface, making them more durable.

The DViT technology in the 800 series SMART boards means there are many more features available. For example, the 800 series boards are dual touch, meaning two people can use the boards simultaneously. This makes the 800 series perfect for collaborative work as two people can write and annotate notes, manipulate objects and perform  a range of actions on different areas of the board at the same time, and their actions will be recognised independently.

The 800 series SMART boards also have a new gesture recognition feature. Similar to the way iPads and iPhones let you scroll, zoom and flip your way around the device, the gesture recognition on the SMART board lets you use simple, intuitive gestures to zoom, rotate and toss objects around the board. It will also work with the gestures in multitouch operating systems such as Windows 7 and  Mac Snow Leopard.

Unlike earlier SMART boards which had different coloured pens, the 800 series let you use one pen and select colours using the pen unit itself. You can also change seamlessly between pen and hand use – for example, you can write in pen, delete the writing using the palm of your hand and move objects with your finger without having to make any alterations to the board. In fact, you don’t even need the pen unit as everything is accessible through finger touch, and you can also use your finger to launch programmes, open websites and access the onscreen keyboard.

Finally, because the DViT technology results in a harder board, the image quality is far superior to that of earlier boards. This is especially important if you use your SMART board as more than an interactive whiteboard, for example as part of a videoconferencing system.

So to sum up, the benefits of the 800 Series SMART boards are:

  • Harder, more durable surface is longer lasting and gives superior picture quality
  • DViT technology leads to more precise and intuitive touch screen interaction
  • Dual touch allows two people to use the board simultaneously
  • Gesture recognition lets you zoom, rotate and toss objects around the screen
  • Seamless switching between pen, finger and hand use

Smarter Interactive stocks many of the 800 series SMART boards including the 885ix and the 8070i. If you would like more information and a free demonstration, give us a call today on 0118 336 0010 or fill in the form below.

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To find out more about how our products and services can help you, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
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