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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

What You Need to Know About Scheduling and Joining Lync Meetings

Microsoft Lync 2013 certainly represents a powerful and streamlined communications tool for the increasing number of organisations around the world drawing on the possibilities of cloud video conferencing.

This solution makes communication easy, not only between others within an organisation, but also across locations and time zones – maximising convenience, time and cost-effectiveness . Among the basic functionality that any prospective Lync 2013 user must get attuned to is the scheduling and joining of meetings.

The basics of scheduling and joining meetings

The integration of Lync 2013 with Outlook 2013 enables the sending and receiving of meeting requests via email between organisations and attendees. When installing Office, the Outlook add-in for Lync 2013 is also automatically installed.

Whether you are using Lync 2013 for online meetings or calls – video or audio – a single meeting request is used.

Using Outlook to schedule a Lync meeting

This process is a simple one. After opening Outlook, go to the calendar and click New Lync Meeting – or open a regular meeting first, followed by clicking Lync Meeting on the ribbon.

To set up the meeting, enter the email addresses of the people that you would like to invite in the To box, followed by typing a subject and selecting a start and end time. Without altering any of the Lync Meeting information, type the agenda in the meeting area.

You also have the option here of checking the schedules for the people that you are inviting by clicking Scheduling Assistant on the ribbon. To select a different time, click a time slot.

Once you have double-checked the information, you will finally be ready to click Send.

Joining a scheduled meeting

It doesn’t matter what Internet-connected computer or device you have – Lync is all that you need to join online meetings. A meeting can also be joined via the Lync mobile client application on a supported mobile device.

Actually joining a scheduled meeting need be no more complicated than clicking Join Lync Meeting in the Outlook meeting request. The Join Meeting Audio dialog box will then appear, giving you a choice of audio connection types.

Starting an ad hoc meeting

Finally, what if there’s a subject demanding immediate attention, for which an ad hoc meeting is required? In that case, you can simply hold down the CNTRL key while you select all of your Lync contacts that you would like to invite to the meeting.

This is followed by right-clicking the selection, clicking Start a Conference Call and clicking Lync Call.

Lync 2013’s ease of use in the aforementioned circumstances only makes it an even more invaluable managed video conferencing solution.

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