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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Why Freestorm Visual Collaboration Is The Solution For Enhanced Business Meetings

SMART FreestormInteractive whiteboards are visual aids that effectively convey messages. The innovative SMART Board technology is proven to be an overwhelming success in educational institutes all over the world and are also being adopted by companies to create dynamic presentations that inspire delegates and win contracts.

However, there is a suggestion that some businesses are not using the whiteboards and accompanying software to its full potential – simply because presenters cannot dedicate sufficient time to learn the tools full complement of capabilities. Whereas teachers spend the majority of their day using interactive whiteboards, business users only have access to the software sporadically as and when it is needed.

To overcome this issue SMART has developed Freestorm Visual Collaboration Solutions which puts more focus on the user experience through a range of software platforms that are specifically designed to accompany the touchscreen technology. Because the software – such as SMART Meting Pro 4 – has a specific toolset, learning how to get the best results from the technology makes the learning process quicker.

Interactive meetings

As a result, business users can introduce new techniques every time they use the software in order to make their presentations more dynamic and engaging. One of the greatest assets of interactive technology is that it allows other delegates to physically participate with the meeting by engaging with the content on-screen, either by adding content or making amendments to the existing text, graph or visuals.

What´s more is that the hardware can hook up to a wide range of devices including portable handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets together with laptops and desktop PC´s or Macs. And because the software is compatible with existing programs that are widely used in offices throughout the world you and your delegates can pull source material from practically anywhere. Not only that, but you can do it all in real time.

This familiarity gives users the distinct advantage of using the content to greater benefit and impressing delegates. Whilst people may be familiar with the on-screen platform, interactive whiteboards together with SMART Board software programs allow you to manipulate the content in ways other delegates have not seen before. Needless to say the wow factors hit the roof – and the simplicity of the software means it will not take users long to figure out the power the technology gives you!

Involve delegates

Many business users find the true power of the technology is collaboration. In reality this makes perfect sense – people are more receptive to something when they are directly involved rather than being talked at as if they were a bystander. Likewise, the human brain responds better to images and recalls the information at a later date more easily than text or spoken words.

In essence, interactive whiteboards and SMART software deliver powerful messages that are remembered long after the meeting has ended. And because you can save and share the content via email, delegates can access meeting notes at any point. Freestorm visual collaboration solutions are specifically designed to inspire and increase productivity so to avoid falling behind your competitors in the race for business supremacy, investing in interactive whiteboards sooner rather than later is a SMART move!

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