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Avocor™ for Education

The Avocor™ VTF range of interactive flat panels have been designed with education in mind. Here are some of the specific features that any education user will benefit from.

Built in Windows 10

The new VTF series interactive flat panels from Avocor™ include a built in INTEL quad core processor running the new Windows 10 operating system.
You can still connect other PC’s to the screen or install your own PC into the OPS slot but an embedded Windows 10 PC has these benefits educators:

Always available PC

The embedded Windows 10 PC means schools can have a screen that will start up with 1 push of a button, reduce the need for a PC to be dedicated to the screen or provide a back up PC to ensure the screen is always available.


Most other interactive flat panels have a built in Android device. Generally, these are using a low performance processor with only simple functions. The Avocor™ screen includes a Quad core Intel processor and Windows 10 has been specifically designed to use less resources.

Install your software

Windows 10 allows any Windows software to be installed including SMART Notebook, Microsoft Office and all of your other favorite education software. The screen comes with a license for Wordwall education software too.

Windows store apps

The Windows store already includes 1000’s of apps designed for schools such as Minecraft, Kodu & Fresh Paint. Click here to visit the store.

Microsoft OneNote

Did you know this could replace your existing whiteboard software and provide a collaboration solution where students can access a OneNote Notebook in real time from any device? In addition, you can embed audio, video and handwritten notes to provide personalised student feedback. Click here for more information.

Safe & Secure

Many closed Android systems can only have new apps installed by “side loading” apps from a USB stick or website. Windows 10 includes Windows defender and all apps on the Windows store are checked and verified by Microsoft. You can add the screen’s PC to your network security and install anti-virus software making the system future proof and secure.

InGlass™ Touch Technology

The new VTF series from Avocor™ will be the first interactive flat panel to include the revolutionary InGlass™ touch technology. This new system has dramatically improved performance over other touch technologies. The touch is responsive, smooth and accurate, for the first time a true tablet like experience on a large touch screen. In addition the InGlass™ Touch Technology dramatically reduces problems with touch caused by bright light/sunlight.

An intelligent Stylus

Because InGlass™ touch technology can precisely recognise the size of the object touching it, it can easily tell the difference between your finger, pen, eraser or palm. This means that many Microsoft features normally reserved for devices with expensive and easy to lose active pens are suddenly available for you to use. For example, you can write directly into PowerPoint, Excel, Word & OneNote without needing to click on any software icons. As well as the screen knowing when you are using a pen it also knows the difference between using your finger as a mouse and using your fist to become an eraser.

Advanced Connectivity

As well as the built in Windows 10 PC all Avocor™ screens offer multiple HDMi and USB connectivity on both the front and rear of the screen. In addition there are VGA and DisplayPort inputs. This allows guest users to easily connect from the front of the screen or additional devices to be added to the back of the screen such as a USB webcam or Xbox controller.

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