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Nureva Span in Education


Nureva Span is a truly innovative solution to a goal many educators have been trying to achieve for many years.

  • How can we engage a room of students with an immersive learning environment and integrate tablets and laptops?
  • How can we foster group discussion and group learning?
  • Ultimately, how can we get students to collaborate like they need to when they go into the workplace?

The Nureva Span solution answers these questions and many more. Watch this video to see how.

The solution comprises of the following capabilities:


The projector is a unique ultra short throw 16:6 projector creating an image of up to 3m wide. There is no bulb, the projector is a solid state projector with an estimated life of 25,000 hours. You can combine more than 1 projector together to make an image of up to 6m wide.

Laser Touch module

Each projected image can support up to 10 points of touch with the touch module making a total of 20 points of touch on a dual screen system.

Span Software

The real power is the software which is cloud hosted allowing each “canvas” to be available from any internet enabled device. The software can be run on the Nureva Span projector for all of the benefits or on ANY interactive display. As well as the wall software there are apps for iOS and Android devices or the ability to view and access the canvas through a web browser. The software allows a 40 foot canvas to be filled with

  • Digital Images – these can be added from tablets in realtime
  • Whiteboard notes or sketches with 4 colours available
  • Flip charts with multiple pages
  • Post it notes – these can be colour coded and typed
  • Groups – everything can be grouped together in labelled groups live on screen

The power is the simplicity with how the Nureva Span system enables group, collaboratibve working live at the screen or from any device.

Nureva Span in a Library

Another application is to consider using a Nureva Span in a library or multi purpose learning space.

Watch this video to see how Nureva Span could transform your library into a collaborative learning space

Smarter Interactive are proud to be authorised resellers for the Nureva Span solution. We can help with more information, pricing, demonstrations, installations and support.


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