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SMART Board for Education

Smart Boards for Education
SMART Technologies are the UK and worldwide market leader for Interactive Whiteboards. They have developed hardware and software specifically for the education market. Some of the key benefits of the SMART Board product range in education include:

  • Touch screen – all of the hardware options benefit from being touch screens. All products with an 8 at the start of the product code are multi touch as is the E70 interactive LED.
  • Pen tray – all products with a 6 or 8 at the start of the product name have a pen tray. The pen tray helps with ease of use – how do you write on a SMART Board? Pick up a pen and start to write.
  • Quality driven – Some of SMART’s products are not the cheapest in the market, one of the reasons for this is the hardware they use is reliable and manufactured to an extremely high standard.
  • SMART Notebook – the most important reason SMART has become the UK and worldwide market leader is ease of use. This originates from their award winning collaborative software for education – SMART Notebook.
  • Integration – SMART Technologies have developed a large product range including the 600 series or 800 series SMART Boards, interactive LED screens, visualisers, assessment systems and a range of software with SMART Notebook at the centre of the experience. Regardless of which products you choose, they will be integrated to work with each other.

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