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SMART Table for the Classroom

The ultimate interactive collaboration for children from 3-8 years old


SMART Boards are being used in millions of classrooms around the world for over 10 years and have introduced access to computer based content for teachers and students to enhance learning. The SMART Table is a different concept and opens up new possibilities to young learners to access a bespoke learning environment designed with their age and ability in mind.

The key features and benefits of the SMART Table include:

  • Rugged design – scratch and spill proof, you can even stand on the table and you will mot break it.
  • The right height – children from the age of 2 will be able to reach enough of the table to be able to participate in the activity
  • Everything you need is integrated – built in PC, built in Wifi, built in audio, rugged design all it needs is power.
  • Up to 40 touch support – the SMART Table will support up to 80 touches for up to 8 students to use the table at the same time. This is very important because young learners are not very good at waiting their turn so they can all participate at the same time. This feature also allows software activities to ENCOURAGE participation. For example, what is 10+19? To answer, touch the table with the correct number of fingers. To answer this question you MUST have a minimum of 4 students!
  • Bespoke software – the SMART Table software is designed with young students and up to 40 touch hardware in mind. Most of the activities can be customized with the SMART Table Toolkit
  • Teacher control – plug in a USB stick to choose your lesson plan, set the number of learners, control audio and upload new content
  • Share what is on the table – the SMART Table comes with SMART Sync enabling other devices to view and interact with the table content

If you are teaching children from 3-8 years old we highly recommend seeing this solution in action to understand its true potential. We can provide onsite demonstrations and short term loans, please contact us to book your demonstration.

Our customers include:

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