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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

SMART Freestorm Visual Collaboration

Smart boards freestorm collectionSMART Freestorm visual collaboration hardware and software for business is ideal for project management, team collaboration, R&D and training. Meeting Pro, the business meeting software that comes with SMART Freestom, allows you to use your finger or the supplied pen to write and highlight on the board, manipulate objects or open and use applications. The user-friendly system requires very little training, and the multitouch versions let two or more people collaborate simultaneously. Handwritten notes may  be captured and converted easily into text, which can then be saved or emailed to colleagues.

The SMART Freestorm product range is designed to increase adoption by providing a fully integrated user experience. The latest generation of interactive LED screens will automatically turn on when they detect movement near the screen, but even without this all solutions can have 1 button start up to ensure they are used in every meeting. There are options to add an appliance, enabling the function of such as whiteboards, PDF, internet and PowerPoint resources to be sued without even connecting a PC.

The Meeting Pro software can be supplied on a Go wire enabling any PC to connect to the SMART Board by temporarily loading software from the cable. The Go wire can hold all of the required administrator settings and data conferencing details to allow the user to connect and run the solution within seconds. Meeting Pro tool bars instantly apprear on screen and are clearly labelled with key functions to enable occasional users use the software instantly with minimal training.

Information can also be shared with remote participants. Meeting Pro also integrates with a variety of software packages including SMART Bridgit, Microsoft Office, Lync, WebEx, Outlook, AutoCAD and Navisworks.

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Tullow Oil, the leading oil producing company in Africa, is one of many success stories: Tullow Oil needed to capture data from its 37 oilfields, a process which was time consuming and prone to error in the past. With Smarter Interactive’s recommendation of SMART Bridgit conferencing software combined with SMART Boards, representatives worldwide were able to meet regularly, collaborating and manipulating data effectively. The outcome was more efficient decision-making, reduced travel time and lower expenses.

EDF Energy was also able to create a unique collaboration hub using SMART Boards and SMART Meeting Pro software: fitted with two 885i SMART boards, a magnetic whiteboard and mobile seating, EDF Energy are able to deliver dynamic training and process mapping sessions. 91% of users said they found it “very useful”.

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Here are two examples of companies using smart technology at Tullow Oil and EDF Energy

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