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SMART Notebook software

SMART Notebook softwareThe award-winning SMART Notebook software is specifically designed for educational purposes. Also available as an app for the iPad, SMART Notebook provides a clean interface, making collaboration easy. The software encourages universal student participation and brings interactivity into the classroom. SMART Notebook is the most widely used software platform for teaching in the classroom due to easy to use and access tools combined with powerful software features. Some of these features include:

  • Handwriting recognition – convert your handwritten notes into text
  • Screen recorder – records both pen and finger movements and changes made
  • Gallery – over 6500 images, backgrounds and interactive tools or activities which can be dragged straight onto the screen
  • Hide and reveal tools – spotlight and screen shade tools allowing content to be hidden and revealed
  • Shape and line drawing – easily create and customise different shapes and lines
  • Customisation – tools can easily be changed and customised for each users individual preferences

SMART Notebook Web, an online version of SMART Notebook, allows you to view, edit and prepare files away from a SMART Board, so lessons can be planned, wherever, whenever and on whatever device you use. With this software, documents can also be imported from a number of cloud storage services like DropBox, and then re-imported back in the classroom onto your SMART Board.

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A range of other SMART Notebook applications are also available, including the Maths Tools software, 3D Tools, the App for iPad, the Interactive Viewer, Express web app, along with the SMART Exchange website community.

The newly released SMART Notebook 11 software, fully compatible with other SMART products, is the latest edition, offering more creative power, flexibility and intuition than ever before.

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