Installing an ICT suite primed for the future

Implementing an ICT suite in a forward-thinking school

ICT is playing an increasingly important role in the curriculum and teaching at both a primary and secondary level. Ensuring children get hands-on experience with IT hardware at a young age is becoming a greater requirement in schools alongside the growth of our digital-led economy. It's important that schools can provide their pupils with the means to access and use IT in a safe environment.

Learn how Smarter Interactive helped a London school to swap out their ageing ICT suite and replace it with a state-of-the-art suite primed for the future, and the role interactive hardware played in this project.

IT Challenges

A primary school based in London came to Smarter Interactive in desperate need of new IT hardware. They were looking for new ways to use IT more effectively as part of their curriculum and their current IT hardware was no longer performing to the standard they required. The school felt they needed new hardware that could assist and enhance the school in keeping up with the growing demands of teaching and learning in their lessons, while remaining at a cost-effective price. 

The Solution

The school worked alongside Smarter Interactive to plan a modern education facility that complemented the requirements of the school. Following detailed discussions with the school, Smarter Interactive approached the challenge with future-proofing in mind, and proposed a fully refurbished ICT Suite consisting of not just the IT, but the furniture too. The refit included IT equipment designed for schools, and at a price that allowed the school to purchase state-of-the-art 80” interactive screens as part of the suite. 

The Results

The main concern for the school was achieving results within their tight school budget. Smarter Interactive's low pricing allowed the school to purchase top of the range interactive technology and new suite furniture. The interactive hardware is excellent for group activity, playing rich media such as videos and music, and improving classroom engagement.

Because Smarter Interactive could assist at every stage of the project, the school only had to deal with one supplier and as such the process was simple and cheaper than other providers could offer. The total cost for the design, supply and installation still came out well below the other quotes just for the hardware - now that's impressive!

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