Connect, inspire and support teachers and students with SafeLINK broadband for schools

For today’s schools, the need for a fast, reliable and safe broadband connection is essential.

With extensive expertise dedicated solely to the education sector, Smarter Interactive delivers cost-effective, resilient, safe and secure broadband for schools. Whether you are a school, a cluster or a Multi Academy Trust, our SafeLINK broadband services will maximise your pupils’ online safety, optimise your investment in classroom tablets and enhance the overall digital teaching and learning experience.

Our Broadband solutions include

Install, Test and Configure

Smarter Interactive’s team of technical engineers carry an intimate understanding of how broadband is utilised within a learning environment and how to overcome online safety challenges. Our team of engineers will work closely with your school to fully install your whole broadband solution. We will configure it to your specific requirements and test it comprehensively to ensure it performs exactly how it should.

Post-Installation Support

After your broadband solution is up and running, we will take proactive measures to offer regular site-visits, tailored advice and full emergency support of your system. We have a dedicated team of broadband support technicians that are here to work with you and offer you the help you need, whenever you need it.

Filtering and Monitoring

Children should not be able to access harmful or inappropriate material from the school's IT system, so securing your broadband and protecting your school’s network and pupils is of the utmost importance when choosing your broadband solution. This raises the challenge of maintaining control at the same time as allowing your school’s community to utilise online resources effectively.

Online Safety and KCSiE

The Department for Smarter Interactive recently published a revised statutory guidance recently called ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’. Smarter Interactive’s broadband services include KCSiE-compliant Internet filtering and monitoring.

Explore the benefits of SafeLINK Broadband

Appropriate Filtering and Security

Web-based filtering and online security is a fundamental aspect of your school’s broadband provision. This means the filtering needs to be appropriate to each user’s needs. With a role based access console, we will provide a flexible, real-time web content filtering system that’s second to none. This powerful filtering platform allows you to protect pupils when online as well as help you meet your safeguarding objectives by delivering a safe, secure and appropriate broadband solution.

Reduced Costs

With technology changing the way in which pupils learn, we are helping schools across the UK reduce costs by up to 20%. A bespoke broadband solution from Smarter Interactive can cut significant spend from your budget, whilst ensuring value for money without compromising on the safety of your broadband solution.

Increased Flexibility

Smarter Interactive SafeLINK has been designed so that you can make use of more devices on your WiFi without seeing a loss of speed, ensuring stable and reliable access to an array of learning resources on any device. Teachers and pupils will have the flexibility to make appropriate use of the internet anywhere in the school, at any time, without disruption.

Dedicated Support

Smarter Interactive boasts a powerful support network with over 60 qualified engineers. Our team of expert technicians are readily available to support the management of your broadband around the clock. This means your school will experience the best possible uptime of broadband boosting teaching and learning capability.

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