Cloud computing solutions designed exclusively for schools

Smarter Interactive Cloud is an excellent education enabler, and provides teachers with improved flexibility in the way they can teach. The cloud also supports educators planning and marking away from school premises by providing them with secure access to teaching resources and online materials from any location.

If your school operates within a MAT, the Smarter Interactive Cloud can be used to great effect by providing huge cost savings across the trust. Your MAT can use the cloud to consolidate individual school systems, servers and infrastructure into one unified hosted network, improving collaboration and reducing the amount of IT your MAT requires to support its pupils and teachers.

Why move your school to Smarter Interactive Cloud?

Save Your School Money

By moving your physical IT infrastructure to the Cloud as an individual school or as part of a MAT, you can consolidate and remove high upfront hardware costs and replace them with a subscription-based model that gives sustainable and forecastable budgeting and makes cost management a breeze.

Enhanced Learning Environment

Cloud-based teaching applications such as Google Classroom and iTunes U provide a flexible learning environment that offers a new way to teach. Online portals can deliver multimedia teaching materials such as videos and documents, and also offer a location to directly submit work.

Secure Your Data And Resources

All traffic in and out of the Smarter Interactive Cloud passes through a high-security filtering and monitoring system that protects data and users from malware. Smarter Interactive Cloud offers a stable, adaptable infrastructure for your school, backed by a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

IT Consolidation Across MATs

By consolidating individual school infrastructures into one MAT-wide infrastructure through the Smarter Interactive Cloud, your MAT can implement trust-wide IT policies and systems with ease, vastly reducing the amount of IT hardware you require and improving collaboration between schools.

Remote Connection For Teachers And Pupils

Smarter Interactive Cloud provides teachers with access to school resources from home, allowing them to plan lessons and mark coursework as effectively and efficiently as possible. It also ensures reliable connectivity to your resources via easy-to-use, secure remote access through SSL and IPsec VPNs.

What we can do for your school



Protect your vital school data from data loss or security attacks like ransomware with secure data backup.

Hosted Wireless

Hosted Wireless

Host a secure wireless platform across your entire MAT that allows visitors from other schools within the trust to access using the same credentials.

Cloud Hosting and Management

Cloud Hosting and Management

Move your school's or MAT’s servers and storage to a managed hosted environment to save money and improve flexibility and security.

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