Protect your school from cybercrime and keep your children's data safe

Unfortunately, schools are popular targets for cyberattacks. As schools become more high-tech environments and digitise their data, the threat of cybercrime becomes more of a reality. Smarter Interactive can help you to protect your school’s data and learning applications by providing a mix of IT security technology and security awareness and training solutions. These services will allow you to successfully identify attacks and protect your pupils from their effects.

Our education security solutions include:

Email Security

Email has the potential to open up your school to all kinds of threats, ranging from phishing attacks to email-borne malware and ransomware. Smarter Interactive offers a layered security approach to substantially reduce these risks, ensuring staff and students have access to an up-to-date, feature rich and secure email solution.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

As a result of the increasing number of schools and colleges introducing the use of BYOD policies and mobile devices such as tablets into the classroom, Mobile Device Management has become a vital requirement. Smarter Interactive offers a range of simple-to-use MDM solutions that are specifically designed to facilitate the safe and positive use of mobile technology within education.


Smarter Interactive offers a range of training packages designed to improve eSafety and the safeguarding of your staff and students. The courses are designed to cover everything from your school’s legal responsibilities to keeping students safe online.  Each module covers the current threat landscape and includes scenario based exercises that will test those that have enrolled and help you to apply what has been learnt. We call it being #ClickClever.


Smarter Interactive offers a range of firewall technologies designed to deliver enterprise-level protection to your schools network. All data entering and exiting your school network is observed and controlled to ensure that malicious traffic such as viruses or malware can’t access school resources. This barrier protects your network and personal data from cybercriminals looking to steal resources or cause damage to your network and data.

Smarter Interactive also provides a hosted firewall service as part of its secure broadband service. Learn more about Smarter Interactive’s broadband offerings here.

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