Support your school with a strong digital infrastructure

The network of a school, college or MAT plays a huge role in achieving the most from the curriculum. At Smarter Interactive, we understand the importance of managing and maintaining a strong, reliable and resilient network that supports all of your school’s requirements.

The team at Smarter Interactive can help you to analyse, organise, update and replace your current IT infrastructure at whichever stage of the project. Our specialist team will ensure you get the best out of all your technology and services that rely on your network by identifying your current networking needs and future operational plans.

Explore the benefits of network solutions

Reduced Spend

Refreshing your IT infrastructure need not be an expensive task. Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or simply looking to improve processes and systems, your school can rely on us to provide the best option at a reasonable price that doesn’t stretch your school’s budget.

Increased Security

At Smarter Interactive we go the extra mile in ensuring your network infrastructure is built securely to safeguard your pupils and protect confidential data. Our solutions all meet industry and education standards ensuring your network remains secure from intrusions and viruses. Learn more about our security services here.

24/7 Support

We offer an around the clock single support contract to make sure that a member of the team is available to support your network to help avoid the risks of downtime or disruption. Find out about our support services here.

What we will do for you



We understand your school is constantly evolving, and so should your network. Whether you want to speed up a slow network or save money on costly software, we can design a solution that will grow with your school.



Schools can benefit greatly from consolidating their siloed admin and curriculum networks. A single, easy-to-use network will help to improve efficiencies and ensure the security of your sensitive data.



Regardless of your network and the types of devices you use, our team of experts and bespoke solutions will help you to manage and monitor your entire network in the easiest and most effective way for you.

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