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Ensuring your pupils can use the internet and its associated resources safely is our priority. With the use of technology rapidly growing within schools, it has become more important than ever for your school to consider how it safeguards the online activities of your staff and students. Smarter Interactive's SafeLINK web protection solution helps you to protect your pupils when using the internet by combining appropriate filtering and monitoring technologies with related web security tools.

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE)

Smarter Interactive has been working closely with the UK government’s statutory guidance for schools and colleges to develop SafeLINK. SafeLINK from Smarter Interactive is a comprehensive portfolio of e-safety technology solutions and services that ensure your compliance and provide complete protection from even the most sophisticated of online threats.

How SafeLINK works for your school

Mobile Device Management

As a result of the increasing number of schools and colleges introducing the use of BYOD policies and mobile devices such as tablets into the classroom, Mobile Device Management has become a vital requirement. Smarter Interactive offers a range of simple-to-use MDM solutions that are specifically designed to facilitate the safe and positive use of mobile technology within education.

Online Monitoring

Monitoring inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour when using the internet is vital as part of an online safety initiative. Smarter Interactive’s monitoring service as part of SafeLINK detects and identifies illegal and inappropriate materials and notifies relevant parties when this content is accessed by a user.

Reporting & Visibility

SafeLINK delivers visibility of your network’s activities and will automatically send alerts that expedite the discovery, investigation and response to incidents even as they’re happening. Powered by Fortinet’s FortiAnalyzer, this easy to use solution collects and correlates all your firewall traffic to provide simple and intuitive reports on your school’s online traffic, security threats, general network activities and common trend analysis across the SafeLINK broadband connection.


Smarter Interactive offers a range of training packages designed to improve eSafety and the safeguarding of your staff and students. The courses are designed to cover your school’s legal responsibilities to keep students safe online.  Each module covers the current threat landscape and includes scenario based exercises that will test those that have enrolled and help you to apply what has been learnt. We call it being #ClickClever.

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