Transform your traditional School Hall into a multi-purpose learning environment

Smarter Interactive has extensive experience in creating customised audio and video solutions for school halls and auditoriums. 

Within the education environment, the size and shape of school halls vary significantly, creating unique challenges and outcomes with every project. The physical factors of your school hall or auditorium can greatly influence the audio setup, as well as the installation of screens, projectors and network technology. We always consider the specific uses of the hall, the number of people, what devices will be used, and specific equipment requirements, such as wireless microphones and lighting. Our end goal is always to create a collaborative learning environment that becomes the pride and joy of your school.

One of our most successful school hall installations is the flexible technology solutions we provided for Lode Heath School in Solihull.

Why refresh your school hall technology?

Our hall installation packages mean you have the ability to transform your current school hall into a state-of-the-art cinema club, modern theatre or an extra classroom. Our education experts will provide you with the perfect solution for your school's auditorium, and by using the best available technology, you will be able to reinvent the traditional school assembly into an interactive, engaging and fun experience that both students and staff look forward to using.


Using our building block approach, we can help you understand the options available with:

Screen – Usually we recommend electric screens available in sizes from 2m up to 5m wide and in 4:3 or widescreen formats. The screen can usually be wall mounted but alternatively can be ceiling mounted, bridged off the wall or even suspended on cables or chains; whichever best suits your environment.

Projector – Your school hall's projector will need to be bright enough to cope with the lighting conditions, positioned correctly to fill the screen and work effectively on the school network to ensure the school can run the new AV system with the flexibility and reliability they require. Some regular examples of areas to discuss are: Do you need lens shift because the projector needs to be off-set? Would a wireless link to the projector be useful? Does the projector need to be controlled over the network?

Audio – Usually if a school installs a projector in a hall, they will also require audio equipment. Our audio solutions enable PC, CD, DVD and iPod audio to be utilised through the system. Extra enhancements could include microphones and a surround sound system.

Installation – We pride ourselves on the quality of our hall installation service. Our engineers are trained to work at height using a tower or cherry picker and will always ensure the system is installed professionally and fully tested on every project.

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