Engaging and exciting ICT suites designed specifically for your school

Whether you are looking for a simple refurbishment or a complete ICT suite rebuild, Smarter Interactive can help your school create an inspiring, innovative and exciting new space to teach and learn in.

Some say ICT suites are a thing of the past, and for many schools, that is true. But, with budgets being tightened year on year, not all schools can afford 1:1 pupil:device, making ICT suites still critical for many school's teaching and learning requirements.

Our broad range of ICT suite solutions aim to address the everyday challenges a digital learning environment can demand such as taking over a school’s ever restricted school ICT budget. We also take into often-overlooked considerations like how to control sun glare on your pupil’s computer screens, how we can enhance the acoustics across an extra-large classroom or what the best viewing position is for an interactive screen. We have the right expertise, hardware and support experience to solve all aspects of an ICT Suite project.

Our dedicated engineer, Matt has installed two Smartboards here at Warfield and he has done a lovely job, we are very pleased with them.

Jo Brown

Warfield Primary

Your build, your way

1. Are you thinking of improving your school’s ICT suite?

We know that an update to your IT classroom could be exactly what your school needs to enhance its teaching and learning capabilities. Whether it’s a boost to your classroom’s WiFi connection, an installation of interactive touch screens or a replacement of your pupil’s desktop computers, we have a solution that ensures your IT suite always receives an A*.

2. Are you looking to rebuild your school's ICT suite?

Conducting a complete rebuild of your ICT suite is a task which involves careful planning, vigilant budgeting, speedy installations and extensive testing. Every school has a different initiative, varying budgets, differing focuses and of course project timescales. We pride ourselves on taking the stress away from staff who more often than not are already juggling a full schedule, and allocate an experienced account manager and engineers to support you throughout the total process.

Why choose Smarter Interactive?

In-house Capabilities

Not only do we know the education sector through and through, we also provide all services directly in-house. This means we can deliver everything from site surveys, network cabling, hardware installation, application licensing and aftercare support all with our trusted team of directly employed education IT experts.

Security is Key

Security is an ever-increasing worry for all education establishments, no matter your size or location. That is why security is a prime consideration when planning an ICT suite, and has inspired a range of Smarter Interactive solutions designed specifically to reduce loss or theft and discourage vandalism.

Value for Money

A renovated or brand new ICT suite is a substantial investment to any school establishment. With funding and budgets being an integral consideration for any school, it is essential to not only manage the available budget but also plan for long-term savings in the future.

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