Experience a faster, more stable network with Smarter Interactive’s storage and backup solutions

Data is growing at a faster rate than ever before and storage requirements are rising. At Smarter Interactive, we understand how vital it is to have the correct storage and backup solutions in place to not only meet your school’s data demands but securely back up crucial files.

Hardware, performance and manageability challenges no longer need to be a problem for schools. At Smarter Interactive, we offer specialist advice on how to achieve the maximum from your existing hardware, as well as provide a wide range of options to move your infrastructure to the cloud. No matter the option, we will strive to help your school significantly reduce costs, time and space with a storage and backup solution that’s right for you.

Our server, storage and backup solutions

Storage and Servers

Smarter Interactive offers a variety of storage and server solutions tailored to each school’s needs. Our team of education specialists partners with the UK’s leading manufacturers to provide reliable and cost-effective server storage solutions perfect for your school.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is your school ready to deal with a disaster? At Smarter Interactive, we want your school to be ready to carry on in the event of network failure, a ransomware attack, power failures or even human error. We believe it’s essential that processes keep running in the event of any catastrophe. We work with leading vendors to provide tailored backup and data recovery solutions that securely back up your school's data, files and emails in case of a disaster.

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Smarter Interactive enables schools to take advantage of the many benefits of a virtualised infrastructure. Virtualisation allows you to consolidate your physical servers and a range of other on-site technologies to create a more robust, cost-effective IT infrastructure that is simple to manage and help your budget stretch a lot further.

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How can this help you?

Reduced Budget

At Smarter Interactive, we understand budgets are often tight for schools. Utilising modern technologies such as the cloud and virtualisation can reduce expenditure required for these fundamental technologies without impeding performance. We’ll work with you to find the right storage and backup solution within your budget.

Increased Flexibility

With Smarter Interactive you have a number of options when it comes to upgrading your servers and storage. We can help you virtualise your existing servers to reduce the number you require, move them to the cloud, or source cost-effective hardware perfect for a school environment.

Teaching and Learning

Our storage and backup solutions provide schools with simple and secure access to files and applications from any device. This allows teachers, pupils and even parents to seamlessly communicate and work from home or the classroom.

End-to-end Support

Smarter Interactive boasts a specialist team of support engineers who are readily available should anything happen. We promise to help get your school backup and running as smoothly and as swiftly as possible in the event of any disaster.

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