Create inspiring new classroom environments for your school’s bespoke teaching and learning needs

Smarter Interactive can help your school transform its classrooms into inspiring, innovative and exciting spaces to teach and learn in. By combining modern interactive technologies with extensive network expertise, Smarter Interactive creates engaging learning environments that use ICT to help schools achieve their learning outcomes.

Modern classrooms use interactive ICT hardware like tablets and touchscreens to achieve a number of learning goals, while at the same time creating new avenues for teachers looking to implement collaborative, team-based or pupil-led learning exercises. We can provide and support this hardware with our capabilities within school networks, ensuring that your devices can connect to the internet and to your learning materials without fault, and in a secure and efficient manner.

We understand that every classroom environment is unique. As such, any classroom ICT project that Smarter Interactive undergoes takes a number of factors into consideration including age and height of pupils, learning group size, special educational needs, curriculum requirements and administration needs. 

We are using the latest technology and the installation needed to reflect this. Smarter Interactive did a fantastic job of delivering a professional and efficient service with very little disruption to teaching.

John Lycett

School Procurement Manager

Why Choose Smarter Interactive?


Smarter Interactive has been working with the education sector since 2002. We've seen classroom technology evolve from the humble projector to today's modern interactive touch panels and tablets that pupils and teachers love to use. We've also seen the curriculum evolve alongside this, so all the technology we provide is designed to enable schools to reach today's teaching and learning goals.

In-house Capabilities

All of our services are delivered in-house. Our trusted team of directly employed education ICT experts will fulfil every aspect of a project, ranging from providing impartial advice as to which solution is best for your classroom, the installation of your selected ICT, and all-important aftercare support. You won't need to deal with any other providers at all!

Value for Money

Any ICT solutions we propose will have the school, your teachers, and your pupils in mind. We'll propose the best solution for you based on what you're trying to achieve, and will never knowingly oversell. Smarter Interactive will help you to achieve the most from your budget, and our expertise and knowledge of a wide range of education ICT projects allows us to provide impartial professional advice.

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