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At Smarter Interactive we understand the importance of choosing the right storage, server and cloud infrastructure for your school’s current and future requirements. Whether it’s to help you get the most out of your physical hardware or to support you on your journey to the cloud, Smarter Interactive’s team of experienced experts are here to help, leaving you to focus on what really matters: ensuring your pupils are receiving a high standard of education.

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Smarter Interactive appreciates that the increased use of technology in education has triggered a sudden rise in the volume of managed data. Data and the safeguarding of students has always been important in education, but the changes to GDPR in 2018 has brought data protection even further into the public eye.

With data demands in education increasing, it's often the case that retrieving queries through complex applications like SIMS can be very taxing and sluggish on systems. Smarter Interactive has a range of cost-effective SSD storage solutions which can slot directly into many existing systems, so are as easy to deploy as possible. Bespoke solutions like this are designed by Smarter Interactive to combat poor performance of the applications which matter to your organisation.

It’s crucial you have the right storage and backup solution in place. With a range of reliable and secure storage solutions which seamlessly scale to the demands of your school, Smarter Interactive can help you access and manage data safely and efficiently.


Smarter Interactive partners closely with HP and Dell to offer the very best high-performing servers designed specifically to suit the demands of your school. From rack to tower, Smarter Interactive supplies, installs and configures a wide range of affordable servers that can be built to your exact specification.

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